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A day in the life of Sihle Miya Precinct Manager, CIBE

Funded by CIBE property owners, the CIBEMA primary objective is to enable a thriving precinct that protects property values, enhances the quality of life, drives investor confidence, and supports economic development. This is underpinned by creating safe, clean, well-maintained, and desirable public spaces within the precinct.

CIBEMA precinct manager, Sihle Miya, leads the operations teams committed to delivering these crucial supplementary services on the ground every day. This is what his typical workday looks like:

What are your main tasks during the day? What do you do on your rounds?

My day begins around 7:30am with a catchup session with our landscaping and security teams. I take this opportunity to brief our operational team on the plan for the day. This is followed by an inspection of the precinct where I check for areas that require attention or improvements, faults that need to be reported to the Municipality and outstanding faults that need to be escalated or followed up on. Lastly, it’s admin, where I touch base with CIBE members/businesses as necessary and communicate with eThekwini Municipality.

Where do you lunch?

More often than not, my lunch break is office-bound, however, on occasion, I treat myself to a delicious bunny chow or veg breyani from New Victory Foods in Phoenix or a wrap from Kauai. My favourite coffee spot is the House of Bravo Coffee Shop where I enjoy a good chai latte.

What do you love about your precinct and why is it important to the community?

I like the diversity of businesses, from manufacturing to equipment hire, furniture making and car hire. The gardens are also beautiful!

The precinct is seen as a ray of hope, providing jobs for local community members. Though this is not at the level we would like it to be, a lot of work is being done ensuring this is improved and the community and precinct businesses have sustainable, meaningful and mutually beneficial partnerships.

What do you love most about your role?

I love being part of a team that is passionate about making a meaningful change and igniting hope. Being part of that team has, over the past few years, allowed me to see the precinct grow and get closer to what the development dream of the precinct is.

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