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Back Boundary Break Ins

There has been an increasing trend of break ins into properties on Crassula Road from the sugarcane fields. The suspects usually remove bolts from the fence and force the bottom of the fence to open and allow them access into the property.

In an effort to combat this, the Management Association security is doing the following:

  • Increasing the visibility of the security vehicle in the surrounding cane fields
  • The sites have been advised about the current threat in the area
  • Where possible, the CCTV is used to monitor the boundaries

It should be noted that the sites that are being effected are sites with clear view fencing that have no electric fence running the full width and height of the fence. The breaches are taking place in blind spots and towards fences facing the cane fields. It Is very difficult for the guards who are patrolling the inside of the parks to see suspects hidden in the cane fields at elevation and so the following is recommended:

  • Additional lighting
  • Electric fencing (full width and height) to be implemented
  • Trucks to be parked away from fence and external batteries secured
  • Scrap metal and other portable possible temptations to be kept out of site or screened
  • Increase patrol points in areas of risk
  • Adjust patrols so as to make the patterns unpredictable

The CIBE 24/7 control room number is 086 124 4258.

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