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Recent road and streetlight updates in CIBE

We are excited to share the latest updates on road markings and streetlight repairs within the Cornubia Industrial and Business Estate (CIBE). These improvements are part of our ongoing efforts to enhance the safety and functionality of our precinct. Road…
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Fresh updates on cleaning, greening, and development in our precinct

At the Cornubia Industrial and Business Estate (CIBE), our commitment to maintaining a pristine and vibrant environment remains unwavering. Over the past month, we’ve made significant strides in our cleaning, greening, and development efforts, ensuring that our precinct continues to…
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Comparative Analysis of the Cornubia Industrial Business Estate Management Association (CIBEMA) Annual Perception Surveys

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The comparison between the two previous Cornubia Industrial Business Estate Management Association (CIBEMA) Annual Perception Surveys reveals notable trends and developments within the precinct, indicating areas of improvement and continued satisfaction among stakeholders. Business Confidence: In 2022, the average business…
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Embracing change: seasonal updates for a refreshed Cornubia

As the seasons shift, so does our focus at the Cornubia Industrial and Business Estate. With the arrival of a new season, we’re excited to share how we’re adapting our cleaning, greening, and maintenance efforts to ensure our precinct remains…
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CIBEMA’s latest developments

Maintenance Achievements This week, our dedicated cleaning and maintenance team completed scheduled tasks efficiently and effectively. Two damaged manhole covers were successfully replaced, enhancing safety and functionality within the estate. Recycling Area Progress The installation of the Supa Mama’s recycling…
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Enhancing Cornubia’s appeal: CIBEMA’s commitment to precinct maintenance

At Cornubia, maintaining the precinct’s allure goes beyond routine upkeep. It’s about ensuring every nook and cranny reflects the vibrancy and cleanliness synonymous with our community. In our ongoing pursuit of excellence, the CIBEMA takes pride in its commitment to…
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Keeping CIBE green: Continued grass cutting as autumn approaches

As autumn approaches in Durban, CIBEMA remains dedicated to maintaining the greenery and aesthetics of our precinct. Despite the changing seasons, our commitment to keeping our surroundings pristine remains steadfast. Grass cutting plays a crucial role in upholding the cleanliness…
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Maintaining cleanliness amidst challenges: CIBEMA’s commitment

In the aftermath of the recent strike, our CIBEMA team has been diligently cleaning up Syringa Road. Despite the disruptions, our MA teams have worked tirelessly to keep the precinct litter-free and clean. Our commitment to maintaining a pristine environment…
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