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Do you know the CIBEMA boundaries?

The Cornubia Industrial Business Estate Management Association (CIBEMA) is collectively responsible for managing public space on behalf of its members/property owners, to create, enhance, and protect the value of property ownership and occupation within Cornubia Industrial Business Estate.

We often get asked to carry out tasks in areas outside of our boundaries. In keeping with our rock-solid accountability core value, we always try our best to assist with these queries where and when we can either by forwarding requests to the municipality and providing the best information possible. To better understand where we operate, here is a brief description of the CIBEMA boundary.

The Cornubia Industrial Business Estate MA Boundaries

The Cornubia Industrial Business Estate (CIBE) lies adjacent to Umhlanga on the western side of the N2 in the northern Durban area. The delivery of CIBE’s Management Association services covers the area between Syringa Road and Old North Coast Road. The rest of the boundary is formed by lush sugar cane fields.

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