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As reported in previous news items, the CIBEMA precinct security has recorded an increase in incidents of cable theft over the past few weeks. The theft of the cable is achieved by the cutting down of streetlight poles and stripping the cabling housed within. In the same incidents, the light fittings and other electrical components are also removed.

The recorded incidents occur either late at night, or early morning, and have occurred in areas that are in close proximity to precinct boundaries or outside of the boundaries; there have been no incidents within the precinct boundaries.

CIBE precinct management have reported all incidents and locations of the cable theft to the eThekwini Municipality, and replacement of the affected streetlights has commenced. Precinct management and security will continue to monitor the situation via CCTV, and continuous patrol in the dedicated reaction vehicle to deter further incidents from taking place.

We appeal to members of CIBE to please note the dedicated 24/7 control room number – 086 124 4258 and report any suspicious activity.

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