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Many areas of KZN, including the CIBE and some parts of Gauteng were severely affected by last week’s unrest, looting and violence. In the aftermath it has been truly inspiring to see communities quickly rally together to protect, clean up, assist with supplies to affected areas, lift spirits and help rebuild KZN.

CIBEMA Precinct Manager, Sihle Miya, provides an update on the precinct’s current status:

  • How was CIBE affected during the unrest?

The CIBE team and key stakeholders held an emergency meeting setting up an action plan in response to the events unfolding around KZN. This plan included a communications and operations framework based on available resources for how the precinct would navigate the week/s ahead.

All our businesses shut down operations for the week and we had some buildings suffer serious fire damage with several more looted, some of which are multi-tenanted complexes. Our hearts go out to those affected during this time.

  • What are the new security interventions and progress?

In addition to our CCTV system and one onsite vehicle, we have deployed two more vehicles to help monitor and attend to different areas in the precinct at the same time.

  • How has the precinct clean-up progressed?

Following an extensive clean-up operation, the precinct is now clean with bags of waste currently being taken to the dump by our cleaning team.  We are immensely grateful to the NPOs and members of the public who turned up from Friday last week to assist. The job was done in mere hours thanks to all the help we received.

  • What does the road ahead look like for CIBE?

We are pleased to report that CIBE is conducive to business again. Taxis are operating and there was lots of traffic coming in and out of the precinct yesterday. Those that can operate will open soon while others are assessing damages and starting with repairs and insurance claims.

As we commit to rebuilding our precinct and our province and in keeping with Madiba Day on 18  July now is a good time to remember the words of Nelson Mandela:

“It always seems impossible, until it’s done”

Let us look forward with positivity and hope, together we can and will overcome this.



MAIN IMAGE: Crassula Road in the CIBE before and after

IMAGE BELOW: CIBE Belladonna Road before and after 

IMAGE BELOW: Batman assisting with clean-up in CIBE

IMAGE BELOW: Belladonna Road community clean up

IMAGE BELOW: Belladonna Road community clean up

IMAGE BELOW: Crassula Road community clean up


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