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Clean, green open spaces and how it benefits our mental health  

With spring fast approaching and talk around Arbour Day and the opportunity to get outside, we focus on the link between our public open spaces and mental health.

Numerous studies have shown that access to and interaction with public open spaces, such as parks, gardens, and natural landscapes, can have positive effects on individuals’ mental well-being:

  • Promotes exercise
  • Provides a setting for social interaction and building social networks
  • Promoting the Biophilia theory
  • Stress reduction
  • Cognitive benefits

Green spaces are integrated into all of our precincts. The objective is to ensure that people have consistent, regular exposure to urban nature during their daily routines, incorporating features such as indigenous trees and plants near commutes, views of greening from business parks, and where possible, areas for socialising and exercise.

To ensure a positive impact on mental health, open spaces needs to be well-managed to avoid falling into disorder and becoming a place to fear, dislike, or avoid – a key focus area for our precinct operational teams.

“Within the heart of our bustling precincts, the presence of verdant green spaces offers more than just visual delight, it also has notable benefits for the mental health of locals and visitors and instils a feeling of pride. Our teams place a huge emphasis on maintaining these green spaces and as of late we are seeing that urban greening is being adopted as a major strategy in cities for both environmental and social sustainability”, explained Jarrod Evans, Head of Northern Operations at UrbanMGT.

In South Africa, we celebrate Arbour Day for a whole week in September, known as National Arbour Week. It provides a platform for South Africans of all ages to step outside, socialise and celebrate the beauty and importance of trees. Get involved in planting a tree in our area and help continue to a greener, healthier precinct and community.

Please read the full article on Urban Design and its health benefits below.


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