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Elections ahead: take note of our precinct’s safety and security preparations

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As we approach the elections on Wednesday, 29th May, we’d like to provide you with an update on the precinct’s safety and security preparations. This update is especially pertinent considering rumors circulating regarding potential civil unrest during and post elections.

After discussions with both the South African Police Service (SAPS), Marshall Security, as well as neighboring precinct security service providers, SAPS have advised that no confirmed information of unwanted activity directed at the precinct, has been received to date. Nonetheless, we have ensured that all necessary measures are in place. These include,

  • Emergency Preparedness: Comprehensive emergency procedures and backup communications systems have been established, and all staff are trained in these protocols.
  • Security Coordination: We have consulted with Marshall Security, our dedicated security service provider, to discuss the deployment of additional resources during the election period funded by CIBEMA. These include additional patrol vehicles equipped with lethal and nonlethal weapons – one of which has been provided free of charge my Marshall Security. Further resources will be deployed should the need arise. Our goal is to ensure that our security measures are robust and responsive.
  • Collaboration with SAPS: We have engaged with SAPS to confirm the resources that will be available to support our precinct. In addition to further roaming patrols, Public Order Policing units from SAPS will be on standby and deployed if necessary.
  • Enhanced Private Property Security: Individual property owners are responsible for securing their properties against threats. This aligns with the principle that each property owner must take adequate measures to protect their own assets. Should property owners deem it necessary to enhance security on private property, we encourage the use of a reputable service provider. We are happy to facilitate contact with Marshall Security if required.

Should you have any questions or require further information, please do not hesitate to contact us. Lastly, as a reminder, the Precinct Hotline number is 086 124 4258. The backup satellite phone number to the control room is 087 180 0127.

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