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Enhancing Cornubia’s appeal: CIBEMA’s commitment to precinct maintenance

At Cornubia, maintaining the precinct’s allure goes beyond routine upkeep. It’s about ensuring every nook and cranny reflects the vibrancy and cleanliness synonymous with our community. In our ongoing pursuit of excellence, the CIBEMA takes pride in its commitment to enhancing the precinct’s appeal.

In addition to our regular weekly maintenance efforts, our dedicated team recently embarked on a comprehensive cleanup initiative. With the onset of rains, our focus turned to addressing the aftermath, including litter accumulation and soil erosion on Syringa Road. Our diligent team spared no effort in meticulously cleaning the area, ensuring every inch of the precinct remained immaculate.

The photos above offer a glimpse into our proactive approach – clearing debris from Syringa Road, attending to stormwater drains, and diligently picking up litter strewn across the precinct.


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