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Poster management and why it’s needed in Cornubia

In many businesses, posters are seen as an integral part of advertising to help it grow. But often too many unregulated or illegal posters or advertising placed incorrectly can lead to an urban space looking shabby and uncared for. CIBE MA precinct manager Sihle Miya tells us about the CIBEMA’s poster management system that ensures posters are kept in check.

What does your poster management entail?

Poster management entails looking out for and removing illegal posters (Municipality-approved posters have a Municipal stamp on one of the bottom corners). We basically remove and dispose of the posters. This is a continuous effort between the cleaning teams, landscaping teams and security.

Does this include graffiti?

Yes, on the occasional case. Graffiti is not common in CIBE

How often do you need take posters down?

It is done as and when required.

Is there any special technique to remove posters and graffiti off walls?

The glued posters are given a good spray of soapy water and then scraped off once nice and soaked. Graffiti is either painted over or we use a mixture of cement and water for bare concrete surfaces.

Why is poster management important in the precinct?

Illegal posters make the precinct look tacky and messy. They also take away from the natural green and clean aesthetic. Further to this, the messages on the posters can sometimes be very disturbing. Poster management is just one part of our ongoing mission to provide the best possible experience of place in the precinct.

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