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Understanding the effects of Illegal dumping

Illegal dumping can quickly become a headache in public spaces by reducing the quality of their experience of place and becoming a laborious task to manage and clear. It could also result in a public health hazard.

Illegal dumping falls under eThekwini Municipality’s waste management by-laws and is the discarding of waste illegally instead of using permitted methods such as curb side collection or using an authorized dump site.

Different areas face their challenges and varying degrees of illegal dumping. We chat to Sihle Miya, CIBE Precinct Manager, to find out more about illegal dumping and how it affects the Cornubia Industrial and Business Estate.

  • Is illegal dumping a major issue in the precinct you manage?
    To a small extent, yes on a property that was recently incorporated into the precinct. The piece of land is privately owned and sits next to the housing development on Syringa Road. We hardly ever have illegal dumping on the precinct’s public open space.
  • Is there a specific type of material that is most dumped?
    It is usually a mixture of material, from building rubble, household refuse, old furniture, etc.
  • How is illegal dumping managed in the precinct and do you work with the municipality in managing this?
    We monitor and report all cases to eThekwini Municipality for attendance/removal of the dumped waste. In cases where this occurs on private property, we report to the property owner.
  • Do you know where the closest landfill site to CIBE is located?
    The Cornubia landfill site is the closest. Please keep in mind that each landfill and dumping site has its own rules and regulations, contact the site directly if you require more information.

You can report illegal dumping in the in the eThekwini Municipal areas by calling 031 311 8804.



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