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The CIBE MA is committed to creating a thriving precinct for property owners, businesses and those who work and visit there. Part of this includes enforcing the rules and to this end we’d like to bring your attention to the matter of illegal parking in the precinct.

Ongoing illegal parking of trucks in the CIBE is damaging sidewalk and pavement infrastructure and putting unnecessary pressure on the municipality. We’d like to remind members that, as stated in the rules, the illegal parking of trucks and other vehicles is a breach of municipal by-laws and further, the rules further state that no vehicle may be stored, parked, or left unattended within the estate’s open spaces, sidewalks, or roads. All vehicles should be parked within the designated areas of the owner’s property. 

CIBEMA has exhausted all means of addressing this issue and contravention of the rules will now be subjected to the following measures commencing on 3 May 2021. View the CIBEMA Rules of the Association


Technical breach without malice aforethought, premeditated intent or due consideration.


R 5000.00 + Value Added Tax R10 000.00 + Value Added Tax
Non-compliance R10 000.00 + Value Added Tax


R 20 000.00 + Value Added Tax
Blatant Disregard R 30 000.00 + Value Added Tax


R 50 000.00 + Value Added Tax
Failure to rectify non-compliance R100 000.00 + Value Added Tax per item listed


Please contact CIBE precinct manager Sihle Miya if you have any queries or concerns regarding the above.

066 211 5430



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