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Embracing change: seasonal updates for a refreshed Cornubia

As the seasons shift, so does our focus at the Cornubia Industrial and Business Estate. With the arrival of a new season, we’re excited to share how we’re adapting our cleaning, greening, and maintenance efforts to ensure our precinct remains vibrant and welcoming.

Watering Gardens and Filling Verges

Our commitment to maintaining lush, vibrant gardens remains unwavering. As temperatures cool, we’re prioritizing hydration for our green spaces, ensuring they stay healthy and thriving. Alongside this, we’re actively filling uneven verges with nutrient-rich topsoil, enhancing the overall aesthetics of our estate.

Cleaning Drains and Garden Maintenance

Effective drainage is crucial for preserving our precinct’s integrity. That’s why our team has been hard at work cleaning drains to ensure rainwater flows freely and efficiently. Additionally, we’re dedicated to keeping our gardens meticulously maintained, creating tidy and inviting spaces for all to enjoy.

Optimizing Manpower for Enhanced Maintenance

With the seasonal change reducing the need for frequent grass cutting, we’ve seized the opportunity to reallocate our manpower. This means directing extra resources towards tasks like filling uneven verges and undertaking garden maintenance, ensuring every aspect of our estate receives the attention it deserves.

At CIBEMA, we’re committed to continuous improvement and adaptation. As we embrace the changes that come with each season, we invite you to join us in celebrating the ongoing transformation of Cornubia.


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