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Fresh updates on cleaning, greening, and development in our precinct

At the Cornubia Industrial and Business Estate (CIBE), our commitment to maintaining a pristine and vibrant environment remains unwavering. Over the past month, we’ve made significant strides in our cleaning, greening, and development efforts, ensuring that our precinct continues to thrive.

Cleaning and Greening

Our dedicated teams have been working diligently to keep our green spaces lush and well-maintained. Throughout the month, grass and boundary cutting resumed, bringing a neat and orderly appearance to our open areas. In addition, we’ve given extra attention to our gardens by replanting areas that have thinned out due to seasonal changes, pruning trees, and thoroughly raking verges. This effort not only enhances the aesthetic appeal of our precinct but also supports our commitment to environmental sustainability.

Maintenance Tasks

In addition to these routine tasks, our maintenance work has been progressing as scheduled. The team has focused on detailed tasks such as painting service and water markers and preparing garden pylon signs that are currently being installed. These comprehensive efforts ensure that every aspect of our precinct is well-cared for and visually appealing.

Precinct Development

Exciting developments are underway on Tottum Road. Construction on portion 18 commenced on 13 May 2024 and is projected to continue for about eight months. This new development is a significant milestone for CIBE, leaving us with only eight vacant sites, two of which are scheduled for design review soon. We eagerly anticipate the completion of this project, which will contribute to the overall growth and dynamism of our precinct.

Our continuous efforts in cleaning, greening, and development are aimed at making CIBE a more attractive and functional space for all. We appreciate the ongoing support and cooperation of our community members in these initiatives.

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